WPASS 100 -2010

WPASS 100 -2010

Monday, February 1, 2010


ok, finally, here they are!

feel free to complain about any scoring/checkpoints. we've got it all on paper and can double check stuff if it's incorrect.

Full race:
1st:Double Espresso(1st pair - Tbl Mtn Abseil courtesy Abseil africa)
2nd:Rust Proof
4th:Gooi mielies(1st mixed - entry to QA Spur Hi-Tec oak valley race)
5th:Running Goose
6th:Sleepless tigers(2nd mixed - entry to QA Spur Hi-Tec oak valley race)

unranked(for those who missed Compulsory Points - naughty naughty!):
kamakaze otters
inertial instabilities
AR Wannabees
funny bones
knysna maestros
moon tanners

binary mince pies(1st lite - Tbl Mtn Abseil courtesy Abseil africa)
oakhill1(1st Junior - Tbl Mtn Abseil courtesy Abseil africa)

Well done to all who completed. keep out there!

explanation on penalty deductions:
stages 1 and 2, 1 point deducted if after cut off time, and for every 10 minutes therafter.
Stage 3. cut off extended by an hour to 12pm, and a point deducted for every half hour thereafter.


Some of the racer's might have noticed Kobus darting in and out of the course on Saturday. Unfortunately he battled to find us at first as there is barely enough signal for an SOS call in the northern part of the valley where we first started!

What a pity, as once we had met up(both driving in opposite directions!) he managed to get in some great shots in just a few hours. I'd love to know the story from the oakhill boys, you see they finished off the bike leg with a twist!

go have a look here for the race photos he picked for us.

and at his main site here

Thursday, January 28, 2010


Any anecdotes? well add them in here!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

The final kloof!

Looks like it was a bit roffer than we thought, most teams in now.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

The leaders

With stage 2 almost done and dusted,we have an exciting finale to the race coming up.team double espresso of jamie waters and sean hutchinson have been just ahead of rust proof(albert and alec rust). Having both collected all compulsory and bonus points, they are bizarrely now on identical race time.

Its a sprint drag to the finish at fairfield. Witzenberg pass should decide it, but it's early on in the day.

Otherwise ugene nel and mark loftus of team energy could pip them both if things get out of control.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Prizes and sponsors

Whilst not really a commercial event, we do have a few people to thank for making our prizegiving just that.

Abseil Africa
Quantum Adventures

And that spiffy doublecab i've been leant for the week-end, that's courtesy of Securistore